KNOWLEDGESCOPE: Monday, April 13, 2018 to Friday April 19, 2018

Aries: Lucky Numbers:   110   4541   Lotto  04, 18, 06, 26, 15, 53

Travel is highlighted this week but beware of alienating your close friends. They want to come along with you. Reconsider only if it will not dampen your plans.

Taurus:  Lucky Numbers:  491   5550   Lotto   8, 38, 54, 45, 37, 01

Professional assistance will be required to get you through these financial challenges. Make sure you have all your documents in order before you get to the office for help.

Gemini:  Lucky Numbers:  999   7321  Lotto   13, 05, 29, 28, 27, 55

Drop your attitude with being the saddest lost soul you know that it is not true. You are just going by a small hurdle.  Next week will be so much better for you.

Cancer: Lucky Numbers:  013   4325  Lotto   24, 01, 40, 08, 11, 14

Carrying the ball for the team will be your job.  If you still need help eat your veggies so that you have plenty of strength.

Leo: Lucky Numbers:  529   2248  Lotto   08, 38, 15, 32, 25, 27

Buying the best is always your goal but do you really need the best of the trivial purchase item. Save money for the summer time is quickly approaching and you will want to plan a trip out of town.

Virgo: Lucky Numbers:  272   5198   Lotto  27, 11, 34, 06, 16, 26

Original ideas can make you rich do you have what it takes to be a millionaire? Write them down and start your research.

Libra:  Lucky Numbers:  328   7921  Lotto   30, 40, 50, 16, 10, 05

Apologies are in order from all around you. You have been exceptional and now everyone notices. Bring your big smile and be humble.

Scorpio:  Lucky Numbers:  815   4347  Lotto   01, 02, 09, 18, 23, 06

Finish what you start before you begin another project.  I know you want to be ahead of the game but you are the only player that matters. A job well down should be your goal.

Sagittarius:  Lucky Numbers:  958   0906  Lotto   17, 19, 20, 48, 15, 31

Peace in the home what you need right know. Buy the things that your children need now that the sales are here so you will be prepared for the spring/summer season.

Capricorn:  Lucky Numbers: 300   0229   Lotto   57, 07,33, 11,03,, 28

Image is not possible when you are sitting in the dumps. So pick up your head and begin a new path of fulfillment.

Aquarius:  Lucky Numbers:  780   1755   Lotto   34, 39, 12, 09, 29, 55

Love is walking around your door and you need to be ready to step to the occasion. If you do not think your clothing is up to date then take a look in fashion magazines or the web.

Pisces: Lucky Numbers:  551   2182   Lotto  33, 16, 01, 28, 05, 52

Allergies are annoying at the moment but you will get through it. Drink plenty of water and see you doctor if needed.

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