For the week Beginning Sat. Jan. 12, 2019 to Friday, Jan. 18, 2019


Aries: Some of those new household appliances or electronic “toys” can be quite confusing. To reduce the possibility of a mishap, you might want to be sure that you read the directions carefully.

Taurus: Are you feeling a conflict between what you want to do and what you think you should do? You might ask a knowledgeable Virgo friend about homeopathic remedies — they could be quite helpful.

Gemini: I suggest you take a trip to a watery location — the seashore, if you have time, but a lake or pond will do. You might want to sit on a rock for a while and enjoy nature at its best.

Cancer: You may find someone questioning your beliefs today. Don’t get flustered if you have difficulty explaining. I think your close friends will be available to help sort things out

Leo: A casual encounter can turn into a heated exchange today. The truth may spill out on impulse, and this opens the door to healing. It seems to me that you and a friend are able to move forward in a more honest way.

Virgo: This is a fine time for communicating with family, loved ones and partners. Alliances formed today are likely to be beneficial for all concerned and contracts and agreements are easily reached,

Libra: Is there a place that you always wanted to visit? It appears that your adventure may be closer than ever. You might want to send for travel brochures or check out travel books at the library.

Scorpio: You are a loyal friend, and protective as well. Many associates are drawn to your leadership abilities. Those in power will recognize your quality and worth today. Forge ahead with your dreams.

Sagittarius:  Are you interested in studying meditation or yoga? I suggest you find a patient, experienced teacher to aid you on this journey. The stars indicate a Taurus or Capricorn, perhaps.

Capricorn: This is not a good time for purchasing unnecessary luxury items. Keep your partnership affairs strictly on a business level of operation. Pay attention to your duties and responsibilities now

Aquarius: Do you feel mentally fatigued, as well as emotionally drained now? Perhaps you should simply allow some extra time for rest and relaxation today. Sometimes you simply have to tell others, “no”.

Pisces: I picture you today intensely wishing to express your compassionate feelings to friends or the world at large. The difficulty is how to do so in a way that is practical and realistic.


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