For the week Beginning Sat. Oct. 20, 2018 to Friday, Oct. 26, 2018

Aries: Lucky Numbers: 126 1752 Lotto 4 41 42 5 19 8
Life will be challenging this week with so many things to do and so little time to do it.
Your need for more money can hamper the love bug. So put a cut off time with the finances and snuggle
up with your love one.

Taurus: Lucky Numbers: 324 3208 Lotto 4 21 28 2 38 40
Out with the old times and in with the new times. It is not good to borrow anything from your past old
ideas let them go like a wind. Venus is shinning on your love life so now it is the time to make your

Gemini: Lucky Numbers: 481 8122 Lotto 3 35 4 28 26 5
It is not the time to make promises that you will unlikely be able to keep. Take the stress of work in stride
you are very capable and the boss know that.

Cancer: Lucky Numbers: 213 7425 Lotto 8 17 16 6 19 30
If you built it they will come and so be careful who you invite to the private party. Do you really need to a
group to feel special….no not at all you are special.

Leo: Lucky Numbers: 004 6135 Lotto 5 13 19 26 3 9
There will be lots of drama so you will have to give full attention to your family members now.
Remember to stay away from the he said she said just stay neutral.
There will obstacles at work but nothing that you can not handle.

Virgo: Lucky Numbers: 942 6909 Lotto 9 8 16 29 27 4
You have had to many things on your plate and now it appears that you will need to slow down your
pace. Rest and rejuvenate yourself body and soul go to bed early…

Libra: Lucky Numbers: 024 5551 Lotto: 5 15 3 29 30 40
Be true to yourself and speak whatever is on your mind. Where money is concerned you need to make
wise decisions. Take a walk and get fresh air.

Scorpio: Lucky Numbers: 857 4563 Lotto 1 2 5 9 37 27
The planetary activities can cause problems. When you speak be clear that you do not offend the other
person. It is easy to make mountain out of mole hill.

Sagittarius: Lucky Numbers: 617 7767 Lotto 6 15 12 13 3 7
Work will pay off so stay diligent. With love matters it is a very special time. You could actually find the
soul mate of your dreams be inspired.

Capricorn: Lucky Numbers: 211 3480 Lotto 8 18 19 30 35 38
Do your research when it comes to spending finances. You can make the most of a small investment.
Get some peace of mind with a spiritual service this weekend.

Aquarius: Lucky Numbers: 748 6538 Lotto 3 23 32 42 7 17
Work is an issue so be very careful with signing all documentation read everything.
You will get a gift from a love one or close friend which is very welcomed.

Pisces: Lucky Numbers: 571 2011 Lotto 2 3 4 14 15 8
It’s time for a financial overhaul. Reassess your saving and spending patterns. If there’s a hic–cup in a
relationship, don’t over–react”. This is also a good time to learn a new skill.