For the week Beginning Sat. Dec. 8, 2018 to Friday, Dec. 14, 2018


Aries: Lucky Numbers:  116  6618  Lotto  45 22 43 4 9 26

Stop being a perfectionist. It is all right to settle with just a bit less so that the family and friends feel like they are in the game with you.   See yourself as growing wiser and multi-dimensional.

Taurus:  Lucky Numbers: 274  5602  Lotto 4 41 35 30 19 1

If you are not prepared in your work environment then get up to speed now. Read then ask questions from your co-workers or supervisors.

Gemini: Lucky Numbers:  788  2202  Lotto 28 36 20 1 31 47

Positive thoughts are highlights to a rewarding experience in every aspect of life. When in doubt just think of the possibility of a kind word, a smiling face and making a new friend.

Cancer: Lucky Numbers:  858  0071 Lotto  48 23 5 26 31 37

Life is a gumbo of experiences, with different people flavoring the pot, and unexpected goals, dreams and wishes and more depth to your life.  If is up to you to savor the best time and the people as you go.

Leo: Lucky Numbers: 989  3357  Lotto  43 19 33 41 27 6

Cupid is up and you are the target.  Love, laugh and be happy. Do not forget that you have to go to work in the morning so save the heavy nights for the weekends. Sweet dreams!

Virgo: Lucky Numbers: 942  0987 Lotto 37 45 18 39 32 49

When you look for love you must look for the inner beauty not just the outer skin.  See what you may have in common.  Ask questions about their childhood, family ties etc.  It is important to know what matters to this person before you get to close.

Libra:  Lucky Numbers:  331  0613  Lotto: 42 26 6 19 8 38

Silver tongue is what you have but it will not be needed now. Just tell the truth with your love ones and everything will be just fine.  Trust that honesty is the best policy.

Scorpio:  Lucky Numbers: 996  3333  Lotto 33 23 41 16 22 15

You will find that you have a simple interest with a neighbor that was unexpected. Now you can share a hobby. This could be fun or at best a one time experience in humility. The choice it up to you.

Sagittarius:  Lucky Numbers:  768   9652 Lotto 14 21 8 17 27 11

If you wait for someone else to make the major decision in your life you will have no input into the outcome. This maybe a reality shock for you but a necessary one for you. They say “Put up or shut up”.

Capricorn:  Lucky Numbers:  922  1765  Lotto 45 10 7 9 37 41

Your charm can only get you so far…education is the key to lasting knowledge. You should try another language so that you open up your life to new experiences and new people.

Aquarius:  Lucky Numbers:  251  0088  Lotto 8 3 37 25 12 20

The best outcome to a serious problem is about to be unfolded so be patient.  If you need inspiration just look out in all the smiling faces that are around you and see the love in their eyes.

Pisces: Lucky Numbers:  640  4381 Lotto 38 34 42 22 35 19

Stick with only the professionals at the job if you need want to move up the ladder of success.  Bring unused clothing to the less fortunate.  Celebrate the holidays with joy in your heart.